Scott?  They’re an American brand, right?

Not quite, Scott Sports are actually now Swiss owned but started out in 1958 making ski poles in Idaho, USA.  They continued with their ever expanding ski market and developed into motocross specialists, before releasing their first bicycle in 1986.  Three years later, they produced the worlds first aero tri-bar, which Greg Lemond used for his infamous Tour de France victory on the Champs Elysees.


Fast forward to 1998 and a Swiss company bought out Scott, moving the headquarters to Fribourg, Switzerland.  Scott Sports were market leaders in carbon, producing the first mass-produced frame under 1KG in 2001 and then pushed the boundaries even further in 2003 with a 895 gram frame before developing the even lighter Scott Addict frame in 2008.


Jump to 2015 and Cyclehouse are proud to stock Scott bicycles.  Cyclehouse’s key Scott road bicycles are the Speedster, the Solace and the Addict.  The aluminium Speedsters range from £500-£1000, whilst the Solace aimed at the endurance market range from £1900-£3500.  The Scott Addicts start at £2000 and is the bike of choice for two pro-teams.


Scott sponsor both Orica Greenedge (think Simon and Adam Yates) and Team I Am(think Matthias Brandle, the current Hour Record holder).  Both teams can be found in the Tour de France and the Pro-peleton.  In 2014, the teams collectively won 52 major professional races aboard their Scott Bicycles, making Scott Bicycles one of the most ‘winningist’ manufacturers within the Pro-peloton.

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