It’s that time of year again, what do I buy the cyclist in my life for Christmas, or more importantly, what do I need want for myself as a present.  Here’s CycleHouse‘s guide….

Gifts under £15


Clif bars make great stocking fillers and will always prove to be useful for a cyclist.  They taste like your mum’s home cooking, so these will be consumed way before that Boxing Day ride to burn off the Christmas Turkey.  They come in a wide range of flavours, anything from Chocolate, to Fudge to Raisin.


Always a welcomed gift, Muc Off have a great range of products.  With products ranging from bicycle cleaner, to bicycle polish through to bicyle lubes, Muc Off and CycleHouse have you covered.  Even better, a gift of Muc Off will ensure your loved one will spend at least an hour servicing their bicycle outside, leaving you to watch your Christmas film in peace.


Gifts under £50


Staff favourite, the Topeak Race Rocket works well for both mountain bikes and road bikes alike, fast and efficient, it gets the job of blowing up your tyres done!  Small enough to carry in your rear pocket without noticing, or break the rules and attach it to your frame.

Our pumps start from £10 for Truflo and range up to £100 for the lovely, metal track pumps.  You have to see the quality to believe these!


It would be a shame if you bought your loved one a bicycle for Christmas, they left it outside at the cafe stop and it went missing.  Even at dedicated cycle cafes and trail heads, this has happened, so treat them to a good, bicycle lock and they’ll love you forever!  We have a range of Kryptonite locks that will attach to your bicycle frame that are ideal for the commuting cyclist to locks that are light enough to fit in a bag for the leisure, tourist cyclists.


Unsurprisingly, winter is dark and time on the bicycle can be restricted by this.  Lights will not only let other road users see you, they will also extend your riding time on the bicycle and everyone likes that!  We have a great range of lights in-store and on-line, everything from the emergency ‘get me home’ light through to the committed cyclist lights, where the lights are bright enough to ride down country lanes and see where you are going.  Lezyne have a rather lovely commuter set, the Strip Drive that are rechargable from a USB hub and have more than enough light for other road users to see you.


Love them or hate them, the saddle bag is here to stay and they are a great way of storing your inner tubes, tyre levers and multi-tool in.  Once attached to your bicycle, you’ll never have to moments of forgetting your repair kit and getting a flat mid-ride.  Topeak offer bags that are either waterproof or lightweight and come in a range of sizes, for those who carry the minimal kit or those that carry everything plus the kitchen sink!

Gifts over £50


STRAVA!!!  It now seems more common to hear cyclists shouting “STRAVAAAAA” than excuse me on a ride and now here is an improved way of getting those Strava KOM/QOMs, the Garmin 520 GPS unit.  It now comes with ‘live’ segments, allowing you to chase down those segments. 40-1861-NCL-TOP

Want even more time to yourself to watch that film you’ve been meaning to for a long time, then buy your cycling partner a work stand and they can ‘fettle’ on their bicycles long into the night.  A work stand keeps the bicycle a good working height and lets you tune those gears and brakes with ease instead of leaning it against the wall and scratching the frame.

Money no object gifts…

Well, we can all dream can’t we?!  For the aspiring ‘Enduro-ist’ in us, the Whyte G-160 will keep your smiling all the way down the trail and will turn you into an instant riding demi-God!  Oh, and that orange colour looks lush.


Perhaps you prefer cruising along the roads and going long distances, then the Cannondale Synapse finished off in Shimano 105 groupset with carbon frameset and Mavic wheels will be perfect.  Just hope that you’ve been a good girl this year…1786-7086-main-syn-carb-wsd-105-16-1

And finally…

How about some gift vouchers for the cyclist’s favourite shop, CycleHouse so they can pick and choose what they need themselves