Cannondale-supersix-evo-runner-up-best-lightweight-bike-630x420.jpgPhoto credit to Cycling Weekly

Need CycleHouse say more than Cycling Weekly’s review;
“The new Cannondale SuperSix EVO [Hi Mod] is without question one of the best lightweight bikes we have ever ridden. Outwardly it looks very similar to the previous model however the new frame has been completely redesigned.”

OK, so we do need to say more!  For starters, just look at it.  It looks sleek and purposeful, the traditionalists can rejoice in the looks, yet if you read ahead, you’ll quickly realise Cannondale have taken a radical approach to up-dating a frame-set that was already a classic.

Cannondale have designed the frame-set ‘ground up’, meaning that the designers have looked at the basics and have taken the bike design from there.  They’ve made the frame compatible with 28mm tyres, the previous Supersix EVO would only take 25mm, so the new Hi Mod frame-set offers more comfort to rider and more grip in the corners.

super-six-rear-derailleurCannondale uses partial internal cabling.  Photo credit to

Interestingly, Cannondale have gone against the trend of aero-tubing and lowering the rear triangle.  They have used a ‘traditional’ double triangle frame design and are using ‘tears drop’ shaped tubing called Truncated Aero Profile (TAP).  TAP improves aerodynamics without sacrificing stiffness and weight.  The new profile results in 6 Watts power increase and a saving of 70 grams over the older frame-set.  The Hi-Mod frame-set uses a mixture of internal and external cables, the rear brake is internal to give a clean finish to the bike, whilst the gear cables are mostly external.  The external gear cables on the down-tube help with the air flow around the tubing, so they help with aerodynamics and it also makes it easier to change cables.

Going back to basics, the designers have designed the frame and the forks to work together.  Whilst this may sound like common sense, many manufacturers will design the frame and fork separately.  By designing the frame and fork together, the Hi-Mod frame-set will have more precise handling, the rear of the bicycle will follow what the front end does.  It is a very simple approach that equates to a very nice, compliant frame-set.  If you feel confident in the frame-set and it’s ride, you’ll be able to transfer this confidence into going faster!!  Sections of the new Hi-Mod frame-set are over 8% stiffer than the previous edition, but 20% more compliant thanks to the clever use of SPEED SAVE rear chainstays, technology taken from the Cannondale Synapse.  In laymen terms, SPEED SAVE is micro-suspension, it uses the flex of the carbon to give a comfortable ride.

Lastly in frame design, the new Hi-Mod frame-set is layered up size specific.  That’s right, each size Hi-Mod frame-set has different thickness tubing and weight, resulting in the best possible ride quality for each size frame.  A small rider on the 48CM frame does not require the same stiffness, nor strength than a rider on the 60CM frame needs.

SuperSixEVo_2016_SPThe SAVE 25.4mm seatpost.  Photo credit to Peloton Magazine

Cannondale have used technology from the proven Synapse model for their seatpost.  They are now speccing a 25.4mm seatpost over the traditional 27.2mm seatpost.  Not only is the smaller post lighter, it offers a little more flex than a traditional sized post, so the bicycle will be more comfortable. As a side note for those worried about it being too light, Cannondale spec these cranks on their top-end mountain bikes.

The Cannondale Supersix EVO Hi-Mod frame-sets also come specced with the highly acclaimed Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL2 crank-set, weighing in 58g lighter than Shimano Dura-Ace but more importantly, Cannondale claim it is 72 percent stiffer.  That is a huge increase in potential performance to any cyclists, be it a Pro Rider or a Cat 4 racer.

1435518054990-iw0p9u3wqznv-960-540Photo credit to Bike Radar

The result of all the above changes is best summed up by Peloton Magazine after their test;
As with any first ride impressions need to be taken lightly, but the ride quality was quite astonishing. The new EVO [Hi-Mod] feels light, nimble and kinetic under power, almost nervous and ready to jump. Yet, point downhill or hit a tight corner with some speed and the bike feels more stable and planted than any other 14-pound bike we have ever ridden, the exact opposite of twitchy and nervous. It can carve a tight and precise line while letting you know you have not come close to finding its edge.”