There is a revolution taking place in the world of cycling right now and Cyclehouse are grasping the nettle so to speak!  Over the years, we have seen many changes in bike tech such as tyre widths and wheel sizes getting bigger, wider, thinner and smaller, frame materials have dramatically changed and suspension bikes become more and more efficient, but possibly the biggest change to bicycles as we know it is happening right now!.

“e” Bikes have been around for some time but thanks to advances in technology they are now a viable option. Available in all shapes and sizes, e bikes typically come with either hub or mid mounted motors of which the latter are usually better quality and more expensive. Hub motor e bikes are ideal for tootling around town and general leisure cycling and our range of Wisper e bikes starts at just under £1000 in either crossbar or low step frame option, there’s also a compact folder the Wisper 806SE (pictured)


If your looking for a mid motor e bike then we would recommend Raleigh. There Captus model is one of the UK’s best selling e bikes. With both crossbar and very low step options the Raleigh Captus is fitted with the Bosch Active Line mid mounted motor which provides masses of torque and will cover up to 90 miles from one charge.


For the more serious e bike rider we stock the Haibike e bike range. From around £2000 mid motor models are available using both Yamaha and Bosch drive systems.

Haibike provide both Mountain Bikes such as the Sduro and Xduro models and also some very nice Hybrid/Trekking e bikes too.

e Bikes are pedal assisted so you still need to pedal but the motor will provide up to 200% additional power so long rides and hills can be enjoyed rather than endured. Speed is restricted Europe wide to 15 miles per hour.

At Cyclehouse we only carry reliable brands and all bikes are fully set up and serviced by our trained mechanics who are  Bosch and Yamaha trained.

For more info and a ride on our test bikes either pop in or call either of our stores. Cyclehouse Cheshire Oaks and Cyclehouse Warrington.