Cyclehouse is situated perfectly for gravel riding, believe it or not, both shops are located next to three stunning gravel roads.  Two of these, Trans Pennine Route 62 and The Wirral Way (Routes 56 + 89), are disused railway lines and so, are gentle in their elevation.  Both these routes use fine gravel, just on the very upper limits of what road bikes are designed for.

The third route, Route 5, (almost) connects the two shops of Cheshire Oaks and Warrington.  The gravel on the local section gives a bumpy ride due to the giant potholes, something that your normal road bike certainly wouldn’t cope with (at least, not your Sunday best bike!).

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Slightly further afield, The Whitegate Way (regional route 71) is similar to the Wirral Way but is situated between Winsford and Delamere Forest.  It even has the benefits of an old railway café mid way through!