1. Daffadils in bloom
  2. Late nights
    We’ve waited for six months for this and it’s a great feeling heading out for that post-work ride and the sun is out.  Also, isn’t everyone else in a much better mood?
  3. Dewy mornings
  4. More cyclists out on the road and trails
    The more the merrier in my opinion.  Don’t forget to wave and say hello when passing each other.
  5. Sportive season comes around
  6. and with it, the faintest tan lines appear
    Razor sharp lines for road cyclists and a dirty knee look for the mountain bikers!  It’s a nice feeling when the sun warms our bodies but be careful, the sun looks deceiving early on in Spring 🙂
  7. Dry(er) trails (and bluebells make an appearance)
    A path winds through the bluebell wood in April on the estate at Godolphin House, near Helston, Cornwall
  8. That smell of garlic…
    It can’t just be me that smells garlic all the way through Spring.  Maybe North Wales’ cheeky trails run through garlic fields or I’m just plain weird?!*
  9. Summer bikes comes out and needs dusting off
  10. The workshop fills up
    Book your bike in now before the Cycle House’s workshop gets booked for the summer!  We offer a range of services and are happy to chat over the phone.  You don’t want your bike sitting in the garage not working whilst your mates and BFFs have gone out, do you?  Do you?!


*It is the smell of Ramsons, a small white flower.